Realtime data from your current Nuclear Throne run!

Get started

1. Install the browsersource plugin for OBS. (the overlay should work with any other streaming program that supports web content)

2. Generate a widget using the inputs below.

3. Use the resulting widget's URL in the OBS plugin and display it on your stream.



64-bit SteamId? Use this website to find it:

Streamkey? This one needs to be enabled in Nuclear Throne. Start the game and go to Settings > Game > Streamkey. Click on it to enable/disable it. The random number appearing is your streamkey. More info about the streamkey can be found here:

Setting up OBS? You can use the old OBS or the new OBS Multiplatform version. Before you can use the overlay you will need to install the Browsersource plugin.
Old OBS plugin here and for the new multiplatform version here.
Detailed instruction on installation also found at their respective links above.

Displaying the overlay in OBS? If you have the OBS browsersource plugin installed and verified that it works, you can generate yourself a widget on this page with the inputs above. Once you have the widget you can add it to OBS. The widget will refresh itself every 15 seconds (that's as fast as it can update its data).

My widget won't appear when I click 'Generate'? Your browser might block pop-ups, check for warnings about blocked pop-ups.

About and disclaimer

Who am I? I'm a software developer who likes to play videogames :-) You can reach me on twitter if you have any questions or want to have a chat:

The server can see your steamid and streamkey but they are not stored or used for anything other than loading data from Thronebutt.

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